About Us

The Super Groomer was founded on July 21st 2011 in Chelsea Alabama and have since relocated to Prattville Alabama. Our new state of the art grooming salon will wow both owners and their furry friends. We are up front and honest with the services we provide and our prices. Our philosophy is that a good salon should be clean, professional, have well educated associates, safe environment, have strict safety procedures, humane treatment of the animals, quality services and treat their customers with the respect that they deserve.

Our groomers are super groomers because they attend grooming seminars once a year to stay current in their professional field. Owner Dana Marvin has competed in 2012 ,2013 and 2014 in the worlds largest grooming competition at  Atlanta Pet Fair.  Brandon Marvin, co-owner, won first place at Atlanta Pet Fair’s  smock it contest in 2015.

We use only the best quality hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioners. We also have a full line of quality medicated shampoos for dogs with skin issues available.

Our Grooming salon is equipped with HairVac systems. This allows air to flow over the blade while clipping the hair creating a smooth even cut each time. It also eliminates the risk of over heating the blades due to the constant air flow keeping the blades cool to the touch at all times. Massaging bathing pumps provide a relaxing bath experience for dogs while getting them Super clean! For itchy dogs we use micro/nano bubble technology. Old dogs have something to bark about as well, we use comfortable safety support straps on all elderly dogs to help take the stress of standing up off of their joints. NO CAGE DRYERS! All of our clients are hand blown dried. To make it a true spa experience the room is filled with relaxing dog aromatherapy and calming spa music.

Do you have separation anxiety from your dog?? Do you wonder how your dog is being treated while behind closed doors?? Are you worried about your pets safety while your away?? Well worry no more! You can watch your pet being groomed LIVE on YouTube and Facebook (where internet is available). 


We are by appointment only Monday-Friday starting at 9:00 am. Most dogs are in and out in 3 hours or less.

To make an online appointment visit our price and service page!


We LiveStream Our Entire Day!